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Gourmet spicy chili paste made of fresh spices

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My love of sambel chili started when I was very young and so this is my mother's recipe that she perfected over the years.

Homemade family recipe sambel chili mix seasoned to extra hot for those who enjoy a touch of heat.

The ingredients are carefully selected from around Indonesia for their taste, hygiene in preparation and nutritional value. Free from any artificial color, flavors, preservatives and trans fats it is a treat for all those who love great food.

We love sambel chili as it brings out dynamic flavours.

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Made for you with love

Gourmet spicy chili paste made of fresh spices and smoked roa fish. Try me!.

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The Sambel Roa is a blend of the most divine of flavours, carefully mixed in perfect proportions and seasoned to the linkings of different tastes from mild spicy to extra hot. SMS/Whatsapp +6281288226084
Line: iamspicy
support (at) iamspicy.com

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